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- 21 Years of Pool Instruction. This NEW book from Phil Capelle contains all 252 of his Pool & Billiard columns from May 1996 to May 2017. About 35 are excerpted from his books and others present different takes on topics and exploits of the pros. Many from 2011 have resulted from his ongoing research and present brand new material. They are arranged in order, but you can find instruction on specific topics in the detailed table of contents and in the cross-reference. With 512 pages and 430 diagrams, this book is a great addition to your pool library.

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This big 500 plus page book by Todd Leveck, a Certified BCA Instructor, is undoubtedly the most comprehensive book on aiming ever written for the players of pocket billiards. With more than 300 illustrations, demonstrations, experiments and practice drills, this book will help you aim better, with more confidence and consistency. Some of the major topics are: The Geometry of Pool, The Physics of Aiming & Shooting, Mental & Physical Alignment Techniques. Your Vision for Winning, and Developing a Million Dollar Stroke. In this book you will explore a myriad of Aiming Systems designed to keep your game on aim and learn what “matters most” and what will take you to the next level. Lots more. $69.95 (ACE)

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Willie Mosconi inspired Richard Kranicki to write this 110 page spiral-bound book. It is focused on alignment, one of the most important concepts in pocket billiards, with much on human eyesight, spherical balls and the inherent errors in that relationship. Chapters on: Aiming Methods, Straight Shooting Test, Outward/Inward Eyesight Angles, Aim Compensation, The Real Cue Ball Center, Cue Tip Compensation and more. Buddy Hall says, "I highly recommend it. It contains unique and practical information to help you improve your personal game." OUT OF PRINT - VERY FEW LEFT.

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The main sections of this 3-DVD set are Basics, Fundamentals (with Exam 1) and Skills (with Exam 2.) The topics covered include technique, aiming systems, cue ball control, powerful breaking, strategies, pre-shot routine, stance, and stroke. Also covered are cue-ball control concepts in detail, Kick and bank shot aiming, the break shot, pattern play and specialty shots. Includes advice, guidance, and hot tips on how to practice and learn. Each of the two exams are demonstrated and explained in detail with instruction, hot tips, and examples on how to do well. Three hours of content.

Our Price: $79.00

Especially designed for the intermediate and advanced player, CJ Wiley guides you through his systematic approach to playing and developing your own unique style to perform at your very best. Hand Connection & Alignment, Pre-Shot Routine, The Connection System, Developing an Athletic Grip, Establishing Hand Alignment, Planes of the Stroke, Feet Placement, Connecting Fitness to the Game, Three Part Pocket System, Feeling Finesse in Your Fingers, Precision Practice Strokes, Pro Alignment, Self Hypnosis, Inner Game Techniques, Developing Touch and Cue Ball Feedback, Practice Drills, Concentrating On and Off the Table, and more.

Our Price: $24.95

This HARDCOVER edition is a collection of 365 Days of Instruction, Motivation and Insights for Pool Players. It's like having a professional coach hitting you with one short, focused topic on the game to set your day and keep you focused and on the road to playing better pool. Each of 365 topics covers an important element required to play at a masterful level. Some will remind you of things you have forgotten and many will lead you to a higher understanding of strategy, technique or execution. All will help you build a stronger game. Includes a directory of quotes, reference materials and a comprehensive index. RETAIL - $34.95 - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL - $24.95 SAVE $10

Our Price: $24.95

This SOFTCOVER book is a collection of 365 Days of Instruction, Motivation and Insights for Pool Players. It's like having a professional coach hitting you with one short, focused topic on the game every day to keep you focused and on the road to playing better pool. Each of 365 topics covers an important element required to play at a masterful level. Some will remind you of things you have forgotten and many will lead you to betterstrategy, technique or execution. All will help you build a stronger game. Included is a directory of quote sources, reference materials and a comprehensive index. RETAIL - $29.95 - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL - $24.95 - SAVE $5

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This group of eight DVDs contains: Sighting & Aiming, The Diamond System, Stroking & Advanced Cueing Techniques, Problems with Cue & Object Ball Behavior, Problems & Uses of English in Position Play, Systems and Theories for One & Two Rail Banks & Kicks, Winning Strategies for 8-Ball & 9-Ball, and Advanced Practice Drills. Save over $50 from the combined individual prices!

Our Price: $185.00

This 3-DVD includes - Aiming Systems Basics: pre-shot routine, seeing the angle, ghost-ball aiming, adjusting for cut-induced throw and several alternative aiming systems. Aiming Specialty Shots: carom shots - 30-degree-rule, trisect-system, ball-in-hand aiming, small-gap kiss, wired kiss, 90-degree-rule, combination shots, rail cut shots, cushion-first running english, running vs. reverse english, elevated cue shots, frozen to cushion shots, jump shots and more. Aiming Kick and Bank Shots: visual equal-distance rolling-CB kicks, mirroring the CB or OB, rail-groove mirror, two-to-one kicking system, and several bank shot aiming systems.

Our Price: $79.00

This DVD is produced by The Billiard Congress of America and presented by Jerry Breisath, a great teacher and one of only a few Master BCA instructors. This comprehensive instructional covers all the basics of pocket billiards. Cue grip, Stance, and applying english are just a few of the fundamentals explained to help you improve your game, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player. Lots of great players have traveled to Wisconsin to work with Jerry. Now you can do it from the comfort of your own home or billiard room.

Our Price: $24.95

This 50 page workbook and two DVD package is based on Joe's famous Aiming by the Numbers System. On the DVDs (2 hours and 40 minutes), Joe guides you through the entire Corner Pocket Workout, which may be the toughest pool workout you've ever seen. The workbook also includes a comprehensive side pocket workout and several effective drills you can use to master aiming and move your game to a new and higher level of consistency. This system is easy to understand and easy to use.

Our Price: $34.95

This instructional DVD from Mika Immonen is directed specifically towards casual players. Rich with 3D animated diagrams, 14 exclusive lessons and over 35 minutes of special features, it creates an enjoyable experience that will change your game forever. Sections on: Selecting a Cue, Terminology, Rules for 8-ball, 9-ball & 10-ball, Stance, Bridge, Stroke, Grip, Aiming Systems- Part 1 & 2, Kicking & Banking – Part 1 & 2, Cue-Ball Control, and The Tangent Line. Includes 12 full games with shot-by-shot commentary by Mika. Widescreen Format – 85 Minutes.

Our Price: $29.95

In this DVD, Robin Dodson, a two-time World Nine Ball Champion well-known for her jumping prowess, reveals the Jump Shot method in a step-by-step manner. She teaches you how to aim, stroke, follow through and determine where the cue ball should land. Her instruction includes drills, when to jump and when not to jump, getting into the mind of a pro, playing the percentage, and more. Mastering the Jump Shot is a user friendly DVD with easy-to-navigate chapters. Whether your opponent hooks you or you get a bad roll, having the Jump Shot mastered will win matches for you.

Our Price: $29.95

Written by famed European player and teacher Ralph Eckert, this first-rate publication. has 320 pages and over 340 illustrations. There are four sections and the last one, The Program, is over 200 pages long and covers training, technique, and tactics. Even the best players will find some value here. Major parts include: Aiming, Influencing the Cue Ball, Shots and Concepts, Position Drills, Bank Shot Drills, Theoretical Game Sequences, The Cushion Game, and about 80 pages on Critical Shots. Written from a European point of view, you'll find ideas presented in a fresh and different manner. World Champion, Hohmann says: "In professional tournaments against the world’s best players, I still use his principles."

Our Price: $44.95

Jimmy Reid has won a lot of tournaments in his day and this two-hour long DVD captures the heart of his technique and training. Combined from the original three-video set, this DVD takes an in-depth look at cue selection, grip, stance, stroke, bridge, the effects of english, how to aim, how to bank, and lots more. Great information about the jump shot, masse, force shot, throw shots, and more. The section on how to address the shot to breed consistency has helped thousands of accomplished pool players. Authored to 18 “Instant Access” chapters so you can immediately jump to the subject you want.

Our Price: $39.95

Continuing from the first DVD, Scott and Randy take you to the next level by making sure you are familiar with the new standardized rules for 8-Ball and 9-Ball, and furthering your development of cue-ball control (Cue-Ball Quantification). Also covered are 3-Rail, 2-Rail, and 1-Rail Kicking Systems, and Aiming. A practice routine for the game of 8-Ball is introduced, as well as a mini instructional on getting position in a game of 9-Ball. The DVD ends with a series of Frequently Asked Questions that are posed regularly at the Cue-Tech Pool School.

Our Price: $29.95

This 3-DVD set is from Jerry Briesath, considered by many to be the “dean of pool instructors.” He has taught many of the game’s top players and was instrumental in starting the BCA instructor program. In the more than 4 hours of instruction and 50 plus topics on this set, you will learn the same techniques he teaches the pros: The Fundamentals - Stance, grip, bridge, stroke, break and aim. Managing the Cue ball - Spin, tangent lines, speed trade-off, position. Banking and Kicking - Making it all make sense. Drills - Fun games and simple tricks to quickly improve your game. Fixes - How to fix the flaws that cost you games.

Our Price: $69.95

This 2-DVD set is from Ray "Cool Cat" Martin who earned his nick name when he calmly won a world title in 1971 while an earthquake was in progress. He won an additional two world championships and was inducted in the Billiard Congress of American Hall of Fame. This set contains over two hours of instruction on the basics: bridges and strokes, spin and speed, aiming, etc. That’s good solid teaching for all players, especially those new to the game. The rest is devoted to specific shots, safeties, the break, bank shots, kick shots, practice tips and it's capped off with few special features. It's not every day you can pick the brain of a world champion with 50 years of playing experience.

Our Price: $49.95

Subtitled Take Your Game to the Next Level & Beyond - this is Phil Capelle’s companion guide to his series of instructional books. It’s a 7”x 10” ring-bound book of 288 pages and contains many sections: Fast Start, Fundamentals First, Shotmaking & Aiming, Position Play, Pattern Play, Safety Play, Kicking Practice, Break Shot Practice, Scoring Games, Practicing with a Partner, League Team Practice, Mental Game Practice, and Practice Programs. Comprehensive and jam-packed with information.

Our Price: $29.95

NEW! - This DVD by “Rocket” Rodney Morris, Pool’s latest inductee into the BCA Hall of Fame has nearly three hours of content. Rodney is a certified champion, taking titles in the US Open 9-Ball, US Open 10-Ball, World Cup of Pool, and more. With so many years of playing pool at the top level under his belt, you will learn a lot. Rodney starts with an intro and moves on to 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 10 Ball, Aiming, Breaking, Bridges, Jumping, Masse, Kicking, and Positional Shots. He wraps it up with a Question and Answer section, a few cool Road Stories and a What’s in the Case section. Rodney is well known for his calm, friendly demeanor and his powerful, rocket-like game. You can definitely learn something from this DVD that will improve your game.

Our Price: $39.95

This DVD by Don Feeney is a complete discussion of aiming systems. It includes how to aim the cue, the double distance aiming system, the five major hits system, why you miss certain shots, why you rattle the ball in the pocket, and more.

Our Price: $29.95

This stroke trainer comes with an instructional DVD, slides over the tip of your cue and immediately begins to correct the two most common stroke flaws. First, most players unknowingly approach the cue ball slightly off center. They think they're in the center, but they're off to one side or the other. Secondly, final corrections are often diagnosed as pure stroke flaws, but are usually caused by that initial alignment flaw. Line up straight and true and your stroke is more likely to stay straight and true!

Our Price: $19.95

This 30th Anniversary Edition of the classic volume by 3-time World Champion Ray Martin and Rosser Reeves has impacted the games of a lot of pool players. It is one of the best selling instructional pool books and people are still talking about shots that were first revealed in it. Part of this 220 page book is specific to straight pool, but most of it applies to all pool games. This edition is totally revamped with up-to-date photos, a full color cover and over 200 photographs and illustrations.

Our Price: $15.95

In 1996, Bert called this his best video ever, but it was met with some controversy. Similar to an aiming technique the old-timers used to call "sweeping" the cue ball, this technique requires stroking off line, with english. You'll have to try it for a few hours to see if it helps you with the deflection issue, but at the very least, you'll learn how to intensify the spin you can get on the cue ball.

Our Price: $29.95

Having coached and advised numerous top players including Darren Appleton, Shane Van Boening, Mike Dechaine and John Morra, British player and coach, Lee Brett now shares his valuable secrets. In this 100 page book he covers: "V" Grip Technique; 1 to 5 Set-Up System; Inside & Outside the Box; Consistency and Controlling the Table. He addresses key elements to playing well: Strong Fundamentals including Sighting, Alignment, Stance, Bridge Hand & Arm, Follow Through, 100% Aiming System and more. The value of this book is in the content as the writing sometimes contains errors. "Lee has given me lots of advice regarding my cue action and the results have been amazing.” Darren Appleton, US Open Champion.

Our Price: $24.95

In three videos on one DVD, CJ Wiley teaches you his systematic approach to playing great pocket billiards. He describes each step in his unique pre-shot routine, outlines the fundamentals of the game, provides insights to his tournament winning mental side, and includes footage from ESPN matches to show you how to win. Balancing your body, Building your bridge, Connecting to the line of the shot, Strengthening your stroke, Developing a straight delivery, Correct grip pressure, Using the diamonds, Putting power into your break, The draw shot, Shooting off the rail, How to handle the mental side of pool, how to make the pocket bigger, an aiming system, and a lot more.

Our Price: $39.95