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High-Speed Video Magic - DVD High-Speed Video Magic - DVD

High-Speed Video Magic

This 42 minute DVD contains narrated super-slow-motion video clips filmed with a special high-speed video camera. It is fully narrated, along with occasional sound effects. It is fun and instructional, and appeals to a wide range of audiences, including billiards enthusiasts. The artistic beauty of things moving in super slow motion unfolds before your very eyes. For the pool player, the first half of the video provides several simple yet concise lessons on cue-ball and object ball behavior. Through the use of super-slow footage, the information is easy to comprehend, and when you understand why and how the balls move and react, you will make better decisions when playing the game. The rest of this DVD is a collection of amazing stupid human tricks, balloons, things breaking, engineering stuff, toys, fluids and foods in motion, and stupid animal tricks. This video is brought to you by Dr. Dave Alciatore, a pool instructor and physics expert.

Our Price: $17.95

This 5-DVD Set contains 274 knowledge-packed minutes of solid, useful material for 8-ball players. Game Strategy: post-break analysis, opening-shot options, choosing key balls, position planning, solving problems, safeties and two-way shots. Position Play and Shot Types: combination shots, carom shots, kiss shots, cluster shots, kick and bank shots, throw shots. Safety Play: defensive Safeties, offensive Safeties, safety replies, ball-in-hand options. Advanced Play and Strategy: jump shots, break shot, end-game situations, rules and fouls. Run-Out Examples: racks 1-5, racks 6-10, racks 11-15, racks 16-20, critical-shot examples, position shots, break outs, kisses.

Our Price: $134.95

With almost 750 shots, this 5-DVD set features useful information to get out of trouble, be more creative, and win more games. Basic Shot Making and Position: cut shots, stun shots, follow shots, draw shots, cue ball control, avoiding a scratch, and combination shots. English and Position Control: english effects and aim correction, rail cut shots, cue ball path control and position play shots. Safety Play and Strategy: defensive and offensive safeties, safety replies, ball-in-hand options, rail-first shots and break-out shots. Banks, Kicks, and Advanced Shots: one-rail kick shots, multiple-rail kick shots, frozen-ball shots, frozen-rail shots and double-kiss shots. Skill and Specialty Shots: power shots, jump shots, masse shots, break shots and pocket point shots.

Our Price: $134.95