Bebob Publishing
The Training Place for Pool Players

Bebob Publishing was founded in 1992 by Bob Henning to create and distribute advanced training resources and other interesting books and videos to competitive pool players and other pool enthusiasts. Our commitment is to the advancement of the sport and the development of pool players. We want the world to see the beauty of the game and we want you to be proud to be involved...proud to be a pool player...proud to be a fan!

Since beginning, we have displayed at countless tournaments and built a distinguished roster of satisfied and loyal customers. The name Bebob Publishing has become synonymous with pool information that makes a difference and helps you play better and enjoy it more.

We carry over 300 titles, including instructional books and DVDs for players from beginner to world-class, road stories and memoirs, mental training resources, pool novels and movies, and other interesting items. If you don't find what you're looking for on our web pages, give us an email. We may have it!

Good luck & good shootin'! Bebob