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As a young man, Brian Dwyer walked away from the game to go after the “good” life. So he collected a big house in the suburbs, and a nice corporate job. Then, one by one, he lost everything. As the story opens, now adrift and drinking heavy, he returns to his hometown to bury his father and ends up in the old time neighbor pool hall where he once ruled. This novel centers on Brian’s reawakening to his authentic values and his struggle to get back into competitive pool, helped and hindered by the colorful characters that hang out at The Cue. Few copies left. This book will soon become a collectible title.

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By Carlos Ledson Miller, this has been called the best pool novel since The Color of Money. At age nine, Danny Toussaint is abandoned by his mother in the New Orleans French Quarter and a Cajun madam and a veteran cop assume the role of surrogate parents. In his teens, Danny discovers a talent for playing pool and is drawn to the thrill of gambling and hustling. When he loses his 'country club' wife ten years later, he becomes a professional player. Leaving his new girlfriend behind, he travels from pool room to pool room with the enforcer of the local mob boss, to whom Danny owes thousands of dollars. He is about to play in the game of his life when Hurricane Katrina changes everything. An exciting story.

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This well-written and fast-paced hardcover book is Carlos Ledson Miller's first pool-based novel. It is about a young champion golfer who gets retired by an injury and decides to fulfill her competitive destiny with pool. The 334 pages are populated by authentic characters and told from an insider’s view of the world of professional pool. Stroke is a story of redemption and self-renewal. If you like to read pool stories, this one will hold your attention. “Stroke is a real page turner. I couldn’t put it down.” Guida M. Jackson, author of Passing Through and Women Who Ruled. RETAIL - $23.95 - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL - $8.95 - SAVE $15

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