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*Precision Pool Drills

Subtitled "Developing a Champion's Stroke," this DVD was put together by ESPN World Champion CJ Wiley. No hype, just a series of drills that you can use to put power, accuracy and consistency into your game, with an emphasis on consistency. Demonstrated by CJ, these drills are systematically designed to improve your stroke and overall fundamentals quickly and effectively. Practice his step by step explanations and demonstrations of these powerful drills and you will be on your way to a winning game.

Our Price: $29.95

Banking at the highest level is not just shooting a round cue ball at another ball. It’s creating angles and understanding how to use a shot that you have mastered to play the game. In this DVD, CJ Wiley shares an effective Banking System to create the angles necessary to play like a pro. Developing Touch and Feel for Banks, How the TIP Relates to the Diamonds, Determining Speed, Angle, and Cue Ball Target, the Transition Point of Alignment, “Crossing” Banks with a Touch of Inside, Cue Ball Control on Difficult Banks, How to Pivot Properly, Extreme English Banks, Pinning Three Rail Banks, The Ultimate Banking Drill, and more.

Our Price: $24.95

Especially designed for the intermediate and advanced player, CJ Wiley guides you through his systematic approach to playing and developing your own unique style to perform at your very best. Hand Connection & Alignment, Pre-Shot Routine, The Connection System, Developing an Athletic Grip, Establishing Hand Alignment, Planes of the Stroke, Feet Placement, Connecting Fitness to the Game, Three Part Pocket System, Feeling Finesse in Your Fingers, Precision Practice Strokes, Pro Alignment, Self Hypnosis, Inner Game Techniques, Developing Touch and Cue Ball Feedback, Practice Drills, Concentrating On and Off the Table, and more.

Our Price: $24.95

Eight videos on six DVDs: Ultimate Pool Secrets - CJ describes each step in his unique pre-shot routine. Inside Billiards Secrets - Hand Connection & Alignment, Planes of the Stroke, Pro Alignment and a lot more. Touch of Inside - Blending the calculations you make on each shot – speed control, shot angle, and cue ball target – into one routine. Banking Secrets - An effective Banking System. The Million Dollar Shot - Earl Strickland ran 11 racks and won a million dollars. How he trained, the legal battles that followed and eye witness accounts. The Million Dollar Challenge - Strickland and Wiley battle it out in the Semi-Finals and Finals of the same tournament.

Our Price: $59.95

With one million dollars on the line, Earl Strickland ran 11 racks of Nine Ball at the inaugural event of the PCA Pro Pocket Billiards Tour. While it was a miraculous feat, it also dealt a fatal blow to the tour and what might have been the rise of televised pool. CJ Wiley had spent years preparing the tour to showcase the sport, but when the “miracle” occurred in the first event, the insurance company refused to pay off. Hear how Earl trained for this feat, the legal battles that followed, and eye witness accounts from CJ, Max Eberle, Jay Helfert and others. It is the tale the greatest achievement in the history of pool.

Our Price: $24.95

CJ Wiley reveals his revolutionary “Touch of Inside” System, which blends the calculations you make on each shot - speed control, shot angle, and cue ball target - into one routine. You will see what the top players are evaluating when they look at each shot. In this DVD, CJ shows you how to use the Touch of Inside System and the TOI variations to create all the shots necessary to play like a pro. Using it for three hours will start to train your mind to see the Game in a new and more effective way.

Our Price: $24.95

In three videos on one DVD, CJ Wiley teaches you his systematic approach to playing great pocket billiards. He describes each step in his unique pre-shot routine, outlines the fundamentals of the game, provides insights to his tournament winning mental side, and includes footage from ESPN matches to show you how to win. Balancing your body, Building your bridge, Connecting to the line of the shot, Strengthening your stroke, Developing a straight delivery, Correct grip pressure, Using the diamonds, Putting power into your break, The draw shot, Shooting off the rail, How to handle the mental side of pool, how to make the pocket bigger, an aiming system, and a lot more.

Our Price: $39.95