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This 4-DVD set is based on the on-the-table training section of The Advanced Pro Book. All shots are demonstrated and explained. Pro Shots: covers aggressive reference training shots. Becoming skilled with these is crucial and understanding the principles behind them will help you lock them into memory. Advanced Safety Play: addresses the important concepts that make for powerful safeties. Pro level safeties and front game situations are demonstrated. Advanced Kicking: is absolutely vital for winning at higher levels and working with the APB kicking maps will bring certainty to your game that is beyond systems. Advanced Banking: working with the APB banking maps will will add powerful tools to your ability to run out and to play safe. RETAIL - $134.95 - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL - $114.95 - SAVE $20

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This book takes the reader into the life of pool's legendary money player. He was a champion, a hustler, a gambler, and sometimes a con man. He started as the son of a sharecropper and became a famous and feared money player. This book is action-packed, entertaining, and easy to read, with an inside look into the Johnson City tournaments and the world-famous Rack, where millions of dollars changed hands. Top players from around the country came to try, but few left with the cash. Cornbread Red ended up with a lot of it, only to blow much of it in future match ups. Like Red said, "I don't live by the month, by the week, or even by the day -- I live by the game."

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This 204 page spiral-bound book outlines and explains the TOP 100 safeties used by TOP professionals today. So many players can kick and jump well today that sloppy, loose safeties no longer guarantee a return to the table. You can counter this by knowing more safeties and performing them at a higher level. Safeties are also sensitive to small changes in hit, speed, english and the exact positions of the balls. A shot may be perfect in one configuration and off if one ball is moved less than an inch. This book explains the limits, general layout, strategic aspects, and high-end secrets of each shot. All you have to do is practice them until you can confidently execute them. Each shot is depicted in a nine-ball situation, but useful in all pool games.

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The Advanced Pro Book is intended for the serious pool player and contains advanced strategies and training techniques. It addresses the five major areas: Honing Your Technique, Mastering the Shot Routine, Mastering Advanced Tools, Getting Your Game Out, and Advanced Match Strategy. Train to execute advanced shots, position play, defensive play, banks and kicks. Learn to get your best game out when you need it and how to stay focused under pressure. Learn advanced strategies for the front, mid, and end games and how to take and keep control. Hone your technique to a master’s edge.
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The 290 page Pro Book revolutionized the coaching and development of pool players. Designed for the competitive player, it has four major training sections. The Physical Game: fundamentals, reference training for position shots, safeties, kicks, kick safeties and banks, and performance conditioning and nutrition. The Mental Game: mental training, concentration and the secrets of focus, rituals and routines, playing different game styles, match dynamics, controlling momentum and more. The Emotional Game: motivation, creating and using powerful goals, using the elements of peak performance, scouting and accessing your best game. Putting It Together: how to let go, training vs. performance, designing a 30-day training program, making and using pre-match and competition plans and match reviews. RETAIL - $49.95 - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL - $39.95 - SAVE $10

Our Price: $39.95

This 4-DVD set is based on the reference training section of the Pro Book and is a complete training system for developing and maintaining advanced table skills. The Sweet Sixteen: build and strengthen your skill and open up your “A” game by mastering the 16 root shots and the 14 primary extended shots. The Outer Limits: discover the limits of each shot and pick the right one for each task. Eliminate shot selection doubt by mastering the boundary and extended boundary shots. It's Hammer Time: learn the principles of safety play. Practice the 16 root safeties and kick safeties and win more matches. The Great Escape: learn the strategic kicking zones and stop giving up ball-in-hand, learn the strategic bank shots and the “hard to judge” banks. Get out more often. RETAIL - $134.95 - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL - $114.95 - SAVE $20

Our Price: $114.95

This book by Bob Henning is a pool player's guide to getting into "the zone." Also known as "dead stroke" it is what happens when you put together that special set of circumstances that allows you to play effortlessly and with great confidence. The Stroke Zone holds the nine keys and the nine actions that will unlock the doors to that magical kingdom. You will learn how to trust your intuitive self, how to develop the mental discipline to silence inner doubt, and how to and let it flow! You will learn what is needed to function at a higher than normal state of awareness, shooting effortlessly and confidently time and time again.

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