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“System Sid” Banner's 65 years of studying three cushion billiards resulted in this 200-page, spiral-bound guide with over 165 diagrams, historical pictures, extensive glossary and the rules. Nearly every system is covered: the Clock System, the Diamond System, 3/C Ball Hit System, the Carom or Bank System, the Corner Plus System, the Cross Table System, the End Rail System, and more. In this revised 4th printing you will learn the formulas and the precise speed, bridge height, bridge length, cue angle and english to make the shot, with adjustments to find the ball when it is off the original location. For 3-cushion with a lot that pool players can use.

Our Price: $39.95

This 3-DVD set from Tom "Dr.Cue" Rossman is the definitive work on the numerical diamond systems. Covers: table terminology, physical & mental approach, track line theory, the "parallel shift" concept, 7th pocket kicking systems, two cushion control for kicking mastery, plus three cushion knowledge to give you that "positive" feeling that no matter where your opponent leaves you on the table, you will prevail! Everything from the standard Plus 2 system, the Plus 2 variance systems, 2 cushion midpoint kicks, Around the Corner counting, 3 cushion systems, Standard 3 Cushion "50-30" kicking, Parallel 3 Cushion kick system, four and five cushion systems, reverse english systems, and much more. $75 (dc-set)

Our Price: $75.00

This five-hour, three-DVD set is the last contribution from Jimmy Reid who passed away in late 2016. It starts with a two-hour treasure trove of diamond systems used for kicking, banking and position: Long rail, cross side, cross corner, Plus 2 systems for short rail kicking, and a Zero 3 rail system. Three hours are then dedicated to Question and Answer situations on 9 Ball, Bank Pool One Pocket and 8-Ball. You will learn Jimmy’s 'Rules of Thumb' and patterns and strategies for all four games. You will learn the questions to ask yourself every inning, when it's your turn at the table until it's no longer your turn. Incorporated over and over in practice they will teach you how to find the correct shot for the situation at hand and provide you with positive feedback and confidence. $149.95

Our Price: $124.95

Continuing from the first DVD, Scott and Randy take you to the next level by making sure you are familiar with the new standardized rules for 8-Ball and 9-Ball, and furthering your development of cue-ball control (Cue-Ball Quantification). Also covered are 3-Rail, 2-Rail, and 1-Rail Kicking Systems, and Aiming. A practice routine for the game of 8-Ball is introduced, as well as a mini instructional on getting position in a game of 9-Ball. The DVD ends with a series of Frequently Asked Questions that are posed regularly at the Cue-Tech Pool School.

Our Price: $29.95

In this video Don "The Preacher" Feeney gives clear explanations of the Corner Five System and a few others. That includes how to use 2, 3, 4 and 5 cushion systems for position or kicking. He shares clear and simple explanations to shots that can lock up your opponent or get you out of tough safeties.

Our Price: $29.95

This big book by R. Givens is the definitive work on bar table 8-Ball. If you want to learn the secrets of topflight 8-Ball, this is it. With over 260 pages and 460 diagrams it will help you understand how small tables play differently than the big tables. Some chapters are: Sides vs. corners, slide-thru, smash-thru, strategy, pattern play, cluster work, and more. There is great information on the diamond systems, including some uses of the Corner-Five system you probably have never considered.

Our Price: $29.95

The 290 page Pro Book revolutionized the coaching and development of pool players. Designed for the competitive player, it has four major training sections. The Physical Game: fundamentals, reference training for position shots, safeties, kicks, kick safeties and banks, and performance conditioning and nutrition. The Mental Game: mental training, concentration and the secrets of focus, rituals and routines, playing different game styles, match dynamics, controlling momentum and more. The Emotional Game: motivation, creating and using powerful goals, using the elements of peak performance, scouting and accessing your best game. Putting It Together: how to let go, training vs. performance, designing a 30-day training program, making and using pre-match and competition plans and match reviews. RETAIL - $49.95 - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL - $39.95 - SAVE $10

Our Price: $39.95

This highly acclaimed book is jam-packed with facts and knowledge, all proven with empirical evidence. There are no "opinions" offered here, so if you are scientifically minded, this is for you. There are chapters on Equipment, Shooting Stance & Technique, Pocketing, Shot Selection, Cue-Ball Deflection, English, Positioning the Cue Ball, Rail Shots, Combination Shots, Bank Shots, and MUCH more. Excellent coverage of the most useful banking and kicking systems.

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This DVD addresses safety play, how to get "ball in hand" more often, and a bunch of other great strategies you can use to win. A must for league players, Don Feeney also explains the Sid System, a good system for kicking to the short rail to hit precise spots on the long rail.

Our Price: $29.95