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- 21 Years of Pool Instruction. This NEW book from Phil Capelle contains all 252 of his Pool & Billiard columns from May 1996 to May 2017. About 35 are excerpted from his books and others present different takes on topics and exploits of the pros. Many from 2011 have resulted from his ongoing research and present brand new material. They are arranged in order, but you can find instruction on specific topics in the detailed table of contents and in the cross-reference. With 512 pages and 430 diagrams, this book is a great addition to your pool library.

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*Precision Pool Drills

Subtitled "Developing a Champion's Stroke," this DVD was put together by ESPN World Champion CJ Wiley. No hype, just a series of drills that you can use to put power, accuracy and consistency into your game, with an emphasis on consistency. Demonstrated by CJ, these drills are systematically designed to improve your stroke and overall fundamentals quickly and effectively. Practice his step by step explanations and demonstrations of these powerful drills and you will be on your way to a winning game.

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This big 500 plus page book by Todd Leveck, a Certified BCA Instructor, is undoubtedly the most comprehensive book on aiming ever written for the players of pocket billiards. With more than 300 illustrations, demonstrations, experiments and practice drills, this book will help you aim better, with more confidence and consistency. Some of the major topics are: The Geometry of Pool, The Physics of Aiming & Shooting, Mental & Physical Alignment Techniques. Your Vision for Winning, and Developing a Million Dollar Stroke. In this book you will explore a myriad of Aiming Systems designed to keep your game on aim and learn what “matters most” and what will take you to the next level. Lots more. $69.95 (ACE)

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This group contains all four of the IPAT workbooks recommended by The World Pool-Billiard Association. Each one includes the International Pool Playing Ability Test (IPAT) for the respective level. The Start Level workbook is for beginners. The Level One Workbook is for advanced beginners to intermediate players. Number Two is for Intermediate to Advanced player and the Level Three book is for Advanced to World-Class Players. This group saves you $18.

Our Price: $110.00

This group contains all three of the International Pool Ability DVDs. The first DVD is Level One which is for beginners and players up through the regional league level. The Level Two DVD is for intermediate to advanced players and offers a challenging training program to bring your basic skills to a higher level. Level Three is for expert players and anyone interested in the fine details of world-class technique. All three contain the prep work and the IPAT test for the corresponding level. The group price saves you $22.

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This book by BCA Master Instructor Tom Simpson is a compilation of 15 years of his best articles. It is spiral-bound, 8.5" by 11" and about 132 pages. This book contains 129 one-page lessons to help you play better and compete more intelligently. Some examples are: In & Out of the Zone, Sink More Combinations, Getting a Feel for the Table, Draw Like Crazy, Jumping with the Dart Method, Extreme Bridges, Forcing the Corner, Nail-Bending Focus, Hanger Management, Straight-In Banks and 119 more! Tom, who passed away in 2016, was well-known for his National Billiard Academy clinics.

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Especially designed for the intermediate and advanced player, CJ Wiley guides you through his systematic approach to playing and developing your own unique style to perform at your very best. Hand Connection & Alignment, Pre-Shot Routine, The Connection System, Developing an Athletic Grip, Establishing Hand Alignment, Planes of the Stroke, Feet Placement, Connecting Fitness to the Game, Three Part Pocket System, Feeling Finesse in Your Fingers, Precision Practice Strokes, Pro Alignment, Self Hypnosis, Inner Game Techniques, Developing Touch and Cue Ball Feedback, Practice Drills, Concentrating On and Off the Table, and more.

Our Price: $24.95

This HARDCOVER edition is a collection of 365 Days of Instruction, Motivation and Insights for Pool Players. It's like having a professional coach hitting you with one short, focused topic on the game to set your day and keep you focused and on the road to playing better pool. Each of 365 topics covers an important element required to play at a masterful level. Some will remind you of things you have forgotten and many will lead you to a higher understanding of strategy, technique or execution. All will help you build a stronger game. Includes a directory of quotes, reference materials and a comprehensive index. RETAIL - $34.95 - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL - $24.95 SAVE $10

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This SOFTCOVER book is a collection of 365 Days of Instruction, Motivation and Insights for Pool Players. It's like having a professional coach hitting you with one short, focused topic on the game every day to keep you focused and on the road to playing better pool. Each of 365 topics covers an important element required to play at a masterful level. Some will remind you of things you have forgotten and many will lead you to betterstrategy, technique or execution. All will help you build a stronger game. Included is a directory of quote sources, reference materials and a comprehensive index. RETAIL - $29.95 - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL - $24.95 - SAVE $5

Our Price: $24.95

Eight videos on six DVDs: Ultimate Pool Secrets - CJ describes each step in his unique pre-shot routine. Inside Billiards Secrets - Hand Connection & Alignment, Planes of the Stroke, Pro Alignment and a lot more. Touch of Inside - Blending the calculations you make on each shot – speed control, shot angle, and cue ball target – into one routine. Banking Secrets - An effective Banking System. The Million Dollar Shot - Earl Strickland ran 11 racks and won a million dollars. How he trained, the legal battles that followed and eye witness accounts. The Million Dollar Challenge - Strickland and Wiley battle it out in the Semi-Finals and Finals of the same tournament.

Our Price: $59.95

This DVD is produced by The Billiard Congress of America and presented by Jerry Breisath, a great teacher and one of only a few Master BCA instructors. This comprehensive instructional covers all the basics of pocket billiards. Cue grip, Stance, and applying english are just a few of the fundamentals explained to help you improve your game, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player. Lots of great players have traveled to Wisconsin to work with Jerry. Now you can do it from the comfort of your own home or billiard room.

Our Price: $24.95

This group of two DVDs from Bert Kinister are dedicated to technique. Advanced Fundamentals is on upper body and cue stick alignment and The Mighty X is focused on refining your stroke. If you do the work in these two videos you will gain considerably more consistency. In The Mighty X, Bert recommends drawing lines on the cloth of your table, but you can get by with using removable spots.

Our Price: $54.95

In this DVD, Robin Dodson, a two-time World Nine Ball Champion well-known for her jumping prowess, reveals the Jump Shot method in a step-by-step manner. She teaches you how to aim, stroke, follow through and determine where the cue ball should land. Her instruction includes drills, when to jump and when not to jump, getting into the mind of a pro, playing the percentage, and more. Mastering the Jump Shot is a user friendly DVD with easy-to-navigate chapters. Whether your opponent hooks you or you get a bad roll, having the Jump Shot mastered will win matches for you.

Our Price: $29.95

Written by famed European player and teacher Ralph Eckert, this first-rate publication. has 320 pages and over 340 illustrations. There are four sections and the last one, The Program, is over 200 pages long and covers training, technique, and tactics. Even the best players will find some value here. Major parts include: Aiming, Influencing the Cue Ball, Shots and Concepts, Position Drills, Bank Shot Drills, Theoretical Game Sequences, The Cushion Game, and about 80 pages on Critical Shots. Written from a European point of view, you'll find ideas presented in a fresh and different manner. World Champion, Hohmann says: "In professional tournaments against the world’s best players, I still use his principles."

Our Price: $44.95

This 3-DVD set is from Jerry Briesath, considered by many to be the “dean of pool instructors.” He has taught many of the game’s top players and was instrumental in starting the BCA instructor program. In the more than 4 hours of instruction and 50 plus topics on this set, you will learn the same techniques he teaches the pros: The Fundamentals - Stance, grip, bridge, stroke, break and aim. Managing the Cue ball - Spin, tangent lines, speed trade-off, position. Banking and Kicking - Making it all make sense. Drills - Fun games and simple tricks to quickly improve your game. Fixes - How to fix the flaws that cost you games.

Our Price: $69.95

In this 3-DVD set, professional player Max Eberle opens up his treasure chest of hard-earned knowledge, including precise body mechanics, timing, and the training that is required to play pool with both consistency and results. There is one thing all great pool players have in common and that is excellent fundamentals. Max's focus throughout this DVD set remains on the Seven Primary Skills and he takes them, and you, to a world class level. Super solid stance, Feet set-up, Body direction, Arm alignment, Distance from cue ball, Stroke freedom, Super stroke, Center ball skill, Pure stroke, Eagle eye aim, Power spot, Mosconi method, Deflection correction, Sudden stop, Fantastic follow, Eye/stroke timing, Motivation and more.

Our Price: $99.00

In this DVD Don Feeney gives an indepth presentation of advanced stroking techniques. He covers everything from holding the cue tightly and punching the ball to a complete release where you actually throw the cue at the ball. This video covers all major stroke types, and explains what results to expect from each.

Our Price: $29.95

This stroke trainer comes with an instructional DVD, slides over the tip of your cue and immediately begins to correct the two most common stroke flaws. First, most players unknowingly approach the cue ball slightly off center. They think they're in the center, but they're off to one side or the other. Secondly, final corrections are often diagnosed as pure stroke flaws, but are usually caused by that initial alignment flaw. Line up straight and true and your stroke is more likely to stay straight and true!

Our Price: $19.95

This 30th Anniversary Edition of the classic volume by 3-time World Champion Ray Martin and Rosser Reeves has impacted the games of a lot of pool players. It is one of the best selling instructional pool books and people are still talking about shots that were first revealed in it. Part of this 220 page book is specific to straight pool, but most of it applies to all pool games. This edition is totally revamped with up-to-date photos, a full color cover and over 200 photographs and illustrations.

Our Price: $15.95

The Advanced Pro Book is intended for the serious pool player and contains advanced strategies and training techniques. It addresses the five major areas: Honing Your Technique, Mastering the Shot Routine, Mastering Advanced Tools, Getting Your Game Out, and Advanced Match Strategy. Train to execute advanced shots, position play, defensive play, banks and kicks. Learn to get your best game out when you need it and how to stay focused under pressure. Learn advanced strategies for the front, mid, and end games and how to take and keep control. Hone your technique to a master’s edge.
RETAIL - $49.95 - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL - $39.95 - SAVE $10

Our Price: $39.95

This book by David Alfieri & Uwe Sander is based on the knowledge and teaching principles of Jerry Briesath, the founder of The Pool School and one of only a handful of Master BCA Instructors. The focus of this 192 page book is a system that separates effective practice, learning, and knowledge from the ineffective. If you ever went to The Pool School in Madison, WI and wished you had everything that you learned there written down in a book, this is it! There are six major sections: Playing Accessories, Stance and Grip, Systematic Training Concepts, The Stop Shot, Training, and Beginner Mistakes. $25 (BP)

Our Price: $24.95

This multi-disk DVD set is the complete Monk 101 program. It is a six-hour training program that is a complete curriculum of instruction for the pool player. The Monk explains the principles of direction, speed, spin and collision and works with you to achieve high-level concentration and performance. This program has formed the basis of the Monk's seminars, workshops and one-on-one tutoring. It is top quality video and audio with studio production and it is filled with easy to understand practice drills. ONLY VERY FEW LEFT.

Our Price: $129.95

This big book by R. Givens is the definitive work on bar table 8-Ball. If you want to learn the secrets of topflight 8-Ball, this is it. With over 260 pages and 460 diagrams it will help you understand how small tables play differently than the big tables. Some chapters are: Sides vs. corners, slide-thru, smash-thru, strategy, pattern play, cluster work, and more. There is great information on the diamond systems, including some uses of the Corner-Five system you probably have never considered.

Our Price: $29.95

In this DVD from the Monk you will learn the Punch Stroke, the most natural shot in pool. When you know the punch stroke you always know where the cue ball will go. You have control of the stroke and the shot. You gain control of the cue ball track line. Special Bonus: The Break! Learn the Monk's famous Stun Break. Use it for both 8-Ball and 9-Ball. For 9-Ball, you will learn how to how to make a ball and get a shot on the one. ONLY A FEW LEFT!

Our Price: $39.95

In this DVD from the Monk, you will learn the four draw strokes: the Snip Draw, the Snap-Back Draw, the Follow-Through Draw, and the Bounce-Back Draw. You will also learn the Spin Stroke and the Follow Stroke and ways to use them that have never been taught before. The Monk says: "Very few teachers share this material. When you master these strokes, you are ready to on to the next level. ONLY A FEW LEFT!

Our Price: $39.95

The second Kinister video dedicated to technique, this one is on the stroke and is undoubtedly one of his best DVDs. If you do the work in this one you will find and remove the flaws in your stroke. Although he recommends drawing lines on the cloth of your table, which he walks you through step by step, you can get away with using removable spots. Work is required, but big gains can be had.

Our Price: $29.95

The 290 page Pro Book revolutionized the coaching and development of pool players. Designed for the competitive player, it has four major training sections. The Physical Game: fundamentals, reference training for position shots, safeties, kicks, kick safeties and banks, and performance conditioning and nutrition. The Mental Game: mental training, concentration and the secrets of focus, rituals and routines, playing different game styles, match dynamics, controlling momentum and more. The Emotional Game: motivation, creating and using powerful goals, using the elements of peak performance, scouting and accessing your best game. Putting It Together: how to let go, training vs. performance, designing a 30-day training program, making and using pre-match and competition plans and match reviews. RETAIL - $49.95 - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL - $39.95 - SAVE $10

Our Price: $39.95

Having coached and advised numerous top players including Darren Appleton, Shane Van Boening, Mike Dechaine and John Morra, British player and coach, Lee Brett now shares his valuable secrets. In this 100 page book he covers: "V" Grip Technique; 1 to 5 Set-Up System; Inside & Outside the Box; Consistency and Controlling the Table. He addresses key elements to playing well: Strong Fundamentals including Sighting, Alignment, Stance, Bridge Hand & Arm, Follow Through, 100% Aiming System and more. The value of this book is in the content as the writing sometimes contains errors. "Lee has given me lots of advice regarding my cue action and the results have been amazing.” Darren Appleton, US Open Champion.

Our Price: $24.95

This 2 hour and 25 minute DVD is from British coach and player Lee Brett and features his non-traditional approach to the stroke. He focuses on building and analyzing the stroke, aiming, and the pre-shot routine; unifying them in his own unique way and sharing insights that even advanced players might miss. In addition to covering How to Approach the Table, How to Survey the Table, and How to Improve Your Mental Game, Lee shares secrets on stroke mechanics and gripping the cue. Great players have worked with Lee and his wisdom is now available to you. "Everything he taught me was so simple and my shot-making went up immediately. I just hope my opponents don't buy his video!" Jenn Baretta.

Our Price: $49.95

In three videos on one DVD, CJ Wiley teaches you his systematic approach to playing great pocket billiards. He describes each step in his unique pre-shot routine, outlines the fundamentals of the game, provides insights to his tournament winning mental side, and includes footage from ESPN matches to show you how to win. Balancing your body, Building your bridge, Connecting to the line of the shot, Strengthening your stroke, Developing a straight delivery, Correct grip pressure, Using the diamonds, Putting power into your break, The draw shot, Shooting off the rail, How to handle the mental side of pool, how to make the pocket bigger, an aiming system, and a lot more.

Our Price: $39.95