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This book by BCA Master Instructor Tom Simpson is a compilation of 15 years of his best articles. It is spiral-bound, 8.5" by 11" and about 132 pages. This book contains 129 one-page lessons to help you play better and compete more intelligently. Some examples are: In & Out of the Zone, Sink More Combinations, Getting a Feel for the Table, Draw Like Crazy, Jumping with the Dart Method, Extreme Bridges, Forcing the Corner, Nail-Bending Focus, Hanger Management, Straight-In Banks and 119 more! Tom, who passed away in 2016, was well-known for his National Billiard Academy clinics.

Our Price: $35.95

This HARDCOVER edition is a collection of 365 Days of Instruction, Motivation and Insights for Pool Players. It's like having a professional coach hitting you with one short, focused topic on the game to set your day and keep you focused and on the road to playing better pool. Each of 365 topics covers an important element required to play at a masterful level. Some will remind you of things you have forgotten and many will lead you to a higher understanding of strategy, technique or execution. All will help you build a stronger game. Includes a directory of quotes, reference materials and a comprehensive index. RETAIL - $34.95 - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL - $24.95 (SAME AS THE SOFTCOVER)

Our Price: $24.95

This SOFTCOVER book is a collection of 365 Days of Instruction, Motivation and Insights for Pool Players. It's like having a professional coach hitting you with one short, focused topic on the game every day to keep you focused and on the road to playing better pool. Each of 365 topics covers an important element required to play at a masterful level. Some will remind you of things you have forgotten and many will lead you to betterstrategy, technique or execution. All will help you build a stronger game. Included is a directory of quote sources, reference materials and a comprehensive index. RETAIL - $29.95 - ON SPECIAL - $24.95

Our Price: $24.95

Pool-playing megastar Jeanette Lee, known as the “Black Widow,” explains every aspect of playing to win, from holding the cue to performing combination, kiss, and trick shots. She shows pool players of every level how to compete intelligently, lose gracefully, win frequently, and stay focused to achieve your goals. Jeanette has matched up with a lot of the top men players and this is a very modest price for a book that has a lot to offer, even for advanced players.

Our Price: $12.95

This new and revised edition is about 240 pages long and focused on the inner man, that emotional/mental/spiritual part of each person that defines and limits our abilities and successes. If you have reached a plateau and don’t seem to be improving, perhaps a deeper look at your attitude is in order. There is physical skill and there is mental skill. Included in the latter is attitude skill. Did you come to win? Master the Way You Think, The Road to Success, Words to Shape Yourself By, Instinct, The Ultimate Tug of War, and Making the Right Choice. ONLY HAVE A FEW.

Our Price: $39.95

This book is a good value. Every subject of the mental game is included, from video taping yourself, to preparing for competition. There's a whole chapter devoted to the league player, including how to form a winning team. There are over 120 lessons on how to improve, compete, and enjoy your game.

Our Price: $19.95

This book by Patrick Scott Smith is subtitled The Psychology of the Shot. It's a 96 page, small format work, concentrated and packed with good insights. Before every game, before every shot, there is a period of concentration dedicated to making the shot. All the practice, all the learning, all past effort always leads to this critical moment of time. In that short period the best players have figured out what best to do. They don't just concentrate and shoot, they have a method. Buddy Hall recommends this book "to anyone who wants to improve the mental aspect of their game."

Our Price: $11.95

This book is a limited edition and will only be available for a short period of time. It's been twenty years since the Monk released his famous book and this release commemorates that occasion. He has added 90 pages to make this a 230 page book. The original PTW was one of the first books devoted to the inner game and was intended for pool players of all levels. This book calls for an in-depth look in the mirror. You will learn how to overcome the fears and phobias that hold you back from delivering your best game. It's been a very popular book, and this commemorative edition is worth having. LIMITED SUPPLY!

Our Price: $29.95

The Advanced Pro Book is intended for the serious pool player and contains advanced strategies and training techniques. It addresses the five major areas: Honing Your Technique, Mastering the Shot Routine, Mastering Advanced Tools, Getting Your Game Out, and Advanced Match Strategy. Train to execute advanced shots, position play, defensive play, banks and kicks. Learn to get your best game out when you need it and how to stay focused under pressure. Learn advanced strategies for the front, mid, and end games and how to take and keep control. Hone your technique to a master’s edge.
RETAIL - $49.95 - ON SPECIAL - $39.95.

Our Price: $39.95

Alex Pagulayan attributed his great play in the 2002 US Open to studying this 179 page book by Kenneth Baum. It is not pool specific, but pool players can certainly use the program that Baum uses to sharpen and maximize the sports performances of professional and amateur athletes of all sports. It’s true for pool, too. You can maximize your pool potential by utilizing the mind-body connection. Some sections are: Power Talk, Proper Visualization, Perception Stretchers, Performance Cues, and more. This book is targeted towards sports competitors who want to win more often.

Our Price: $14.95

Bob Fancher is a practicing psychotherapist with a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University and a pool enthusiast and player. His book is exclusively on the sport of pool and focuses on the areas of motivation, competition, and the fundamental role of the body in the mental game. It is a new version of the original and popular internet book, now with 140 pages and five additional sections. The chapters on Concentration and Rhythm and his examination of conscious and unconscious controls are especially good. It is considered to be one of the best books written about the mental game for pool players.

Our Price: $16.95

The 290 page Pro Book revolutionized the coaching and development of pool players. Designed for the competitive player, it has four major training sections. The Physical Game: fundamentals, reference training for position shots, safeties, kicks, kick safeties and banks, and performance conditioning and nutrition. The Mental Game: mental training, concentration and the secrets of focus, rituals and routines, playing different game styles, match dynamics, controlling momentum and more. The Emotional Game: motivation, creating and using powerful goals, using the elements of peak performance, scouting and accessing your best game. Putting It Together: how to let go, training vs. performance, designing a 30-day training program, making and using pre-match and competition plans and match reviews. RETAIL - $49.95 - ON SPECIAL - $39.95

Our Price: $39.95

This book by Bob Henning is a pool player's guide to getting into "the zone." Also known as "dead stroke" it is what happens when you put together that special set of circumstances that allows you to play effortlessly and with great confidence. The Stroke Zone holds the nine keys and the nine actions that will unlock the doors to that magical kingdom. You will learn how to trust your intuitive self, how to develop the mental discipline to silence inner doubt, and how to relinquish control and let it flow! You will learn what is needed to function at a higher than normal state of awareness, shooting effortlessly and confidently time and time again.

Our Price: $19.95

“Negative Thinking” can be a pool player’s worst enemy. It can make professionals play like amateurs, alter strokes, and cause “straight-in” shots to go awry. Most players understand this, but do not have the knowledge required to overcome it. This book emphasizes the need to replace “Negative Past Experiences” with a commitment to mastering “The Process.” Beeler’s approach shows how to maintain a “Positive” attitude and make playing a game of pool fun again.

Our Price: $36.95

Dr. Joseph Parent was named one of the world’s Top Ten Mental Game Experts by Golf Digest. His international acclaimed bestseller, Zen Golf, combines modern psychology with Buddhist wisdom to synchronize a confident and clear mind and body. This book relates to any sport where strong mental and emotional aptitudes are vital and that sure sounds like pool. Perhaps that’s why one master pool instructor highly recommends it to his students. The section on pre-shot routines is particularly interesting and valuable for pool players.

Our Price: $17.95

This 172 page book is by Max Eberle, a former Junior National Champion, 2-time Collegiate Champion, and 2006 World Straight Pool Semi-finalist. It is intended to increase your body awareness, reduce stress, elevate your mood and help you develop a focused and calm body, mind, and spirit. You will learn practical insights and skills to help you break through barriers, elevate your ability, become more consistent, and play pool in "the Zone." Zen Pool is a compilation of Eberle's best instructional columns, diagrams, and photos. Great chapters, including The Seven Primary Skills, Process for Success, The Seven Principles of Practice, Play with Confidence and about 40 more.

Our Price: $19.95