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This ring-bound book fits in a cue case pocket and contains 20 shots and drills that will help you reach the higher levels. It also has a unique rating system to help you compete and improve. This title comes with a DVD where Joe Tucker leads you through these fantastic drills. Joe's still the most value for the buck going in pool instructional titles! Get his one before he raises his prices.

Our Price: $24.95

Doing the workout in this 2-DVD set by professional player/instructor Joe Tucker is one of the best ways a player can add some important skills to their game. The workout is broken into 5 demanding sections that blend together nicely and along with spending your time in a very productive manner you will pick up some interesting facts and new shots by just viewing the first DVD. On the second disk, Joe puts himself on the line by walking the walk as he shoots the entire workout uncut, in real time.

Our Price: $29.95

This 50 page workbook and two DVD package is based on Joe's famous Aiming by the Numbers System. On the DVDs (2 hours and 40 minutes), Joe guides you through the entire Corner Pocket Workout, which may be the toughest pool workout you've ever seen. The workbook also includes a comprehensive side pocket workout and several effective drills you can use to master aiming and move your game to a new and higher level of consistency. This system is easy to understand and easy to use.

Our Price: $34.95

This 2-DVD set contains all the original racking secrets from Joe Tucker's famous book (no longer in print) and another few years worth of new advancements that he has discovered. This set will teach you how to read the rack to determine how to break. Most good players know that gaps between the balls will impact the way the rack will open, but few know what result each specific gap will cause. This set is for 9-ball, 8-ball, 10-ball, one-pocket, rotation, and straight pool.

Our Price: $29.95

In the first 28 minutes of this DVD, Joe teaches three newly defined breaking styles and how to find the one that makes you happy and gets results. Then he dissects the 10-ball rack in great detail, showing you what to look for and how to adjust it to make the rack either easier or more difficult to run. You'll be amazed at how much control you can apply to a standard 10-ball rack, even learning to make the 10-ball fly right into the corner pocket! Lastly, Joe shares the latest updates in managing the 9-ball break so that you make more balls on the break and run-out more often. This is a great DVD!

Our Price: $34.95

This stroke trainer comes with an instructional DVD, slides over the tip of your cue and immediately begins to correct the two most common stroke flaws. First, most players unknowingly approach the cue ball slightly off center. They think they're in the center, but they're off to one side or the other. Secondly, final corrections are often diagnosed as pure stroke flaws, but are usually caused by that initial alignment flaw. Line up straight and true and your stroke is more likely to stay straight and true!

Our Price: $19.95