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This five-hour, three-DVD set is the last contribution from Jimmy Reid who passed away in late 2016. It starts with a two-hour treasure trove of diamond systems used for kicking, banking and position: Long rail, cross side, cross corner, Plus 2 systems for short rail kicking, and a Zero 3 rail system. Three hours are then dedicated to Question and Answer situations on 9 Ball, Bank Pool One Pocket and 8-Ball. You will learn Jimmy’s 'Rules of Thumb' and patterns and strategies for all four games. You will learn the questions to ask yourself every inning, when it's your turn at the table until it's no longer your turn. Incorporated over and over in practice they will teach you how to find the correct shot for the situation at hand and provide you with positive feedback and confidence. $149.95

Our Price: $124.95

This audio CD contains Jimmy's personal bedtime relaxation techniques and the personal self-hypnosis session he used to win the US Open Nine-Ball Championship and many other events. You can NOT use this CD when driving or operating machinery. You must be in a safe place to use this CD. CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE!

Our Price: $9.95

This is Jimmy Reid's Daytime Motivational CD. It’s composed of spoken words, not hypnotic in nature, so you can listen to it anytime, even when driving. It includes Jimmy's own practice routines for quick improvement. You can work with this audio CD on a daily basis to help build and strengthen your mental game. CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE!

Our Price: $9.95

Jimmy Reid has won a lot of tournaments in his day and this two-hour long DVD captures the heart of his technique and training. Combined from the original three-video set, this DVD takes an in-depth look at cue selection, grip, stance, stroke, bridge, the effects of english, how to aim, how to bank, and lots more. Great information about the jump shot, masse, force shot, throw shots, and more. The section on how to address the shot to breed consistency has helped thousands of accomplished pool players. Authored to 18 “Instant Access” chapters so you can immediately jump to the subject you want.

Our Price: $39.95

Jimmy Reid may have won more major 8-Ball titles than any other professional. In this two hour long video he shares the strategy and understanding that took him to the top. 8-Ball is a game of patterns and Jimmy teaches you to recognize them and use them in a intelligent manner. This video is jam-packed with useful information. CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE!

Our Price: $39.95