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- 21 Years of Pool Instruction. This NEW book from Phil Capelle contains all 252 of his Pool & Billiard columns from May 1996 to May 2017. About 35 are excerpted from his books and others present different takes on topics and exploits of the pros. Many from 2011 have resulted from his ongoing research and present brand new material. They are arranged in order, but you can find instruction on specific topics in the detailed table of contents and in the cross-reference. With 512 pages and 430 diagrams, this book is a great addition to your pool library.

Our Price: $34.95

: How to Close 14.1 Racks Like a Pro - This book & DVD combo will teach you to master end-of-rack play in straight pool using three proven learning methods: studying the book. watching the pros on the DVD and practicing the run outs! This 288 page,spiral-bound book is packed with insights & instruction, the principles of planning patterns, 110 four-shot run outs and 380 illustrations. Each presentation includes: shot-by-shot analysis, alternative patterns and DVD fine points. Practicing these patterns is your ultimate training tool for high runs. The two-hour DVD features 110 closing patterns from Accu-Stats’ library of championship matches.

Our Price: $49.95

This group is for all eight of Phil Capelle's titles. That is eight books, of which three also contain DVDs. Titles are: Play Your Best Pool, Play Your Best Eight-Ball, Play Your Best Straight Pool, A Mind For Pool, Break Shot Patterns, Practicing Pool, Capelle On Nine-Ball,and Play Your Best 9 & 10 Ball. (For more information go to "Capelle" under "Shop By Author."" This group price saves $35 from the individual combined retail prices.

Our Price: $239.00

This 200 page book and DVD video combination by Phil Capelle analyzes a dramatic hill-hill match between Johnny Archer and Efren Reyes. The book is keyed to the video and is an in-depth look into the shots, technique, and strategy used by both players. The video is the Accu-Stats original of this famous match and has been edited to include an instructional section. A very comprehensive study.

Our Price: $49.95

This book is a good value. Every subject of the mental game is included, from video taping yourself, to preparing for competition. There's a whole chapter devoted to the league player, including how to form a winning team. There are over 120 lessons on how to improve, compete, and enjoy your game.

Our Price: $19.95

This 544 page spiral-bound book from Phil Capelle takes his revised edition of Play Your Best Nine Ball and adds a huge new section on 10 Ball that features over 120 new shots from pro competition and over 60 new practice exercises on pattern play. It can be easily utilized by players of all levels of skill as Capelle discusses strategies and tailors his advice to your current level of play using his ABC rating system. This book contains nearly 600 diagrams with chapters on position play, patterns, safeties, kick shots, how to practice, breaking, clusters, push-out strategy, shot-making, competition, and more.

Our Price: $34.95

Another big book from Phil Capelle with 480 pages and 535 illustrations. There are sections on Getting Started, Offense, Strategy & Defense and Improving Your Game. There are 18 chapters that cover specific subjects such as The Rules, Winning Patterns, Break Shots, Problem Balls, Choosing the Right Group, Ball In Hand, Running Out, and much more! A good book. $29.95 (PBE)

Our Price: $29.95

Secrets to Winning 8-Ball & 9-Ball. This book by Phil Capelle has 400 illustrations on fundamentals, shot making, position play, etc. Over 140 of the 440 pages are devoted to 8-Ball and 9-Ball strategy, with good coverage of the defensive game. An excellent resource book for beginners and a valuable tool for intermediate and advanced pool players.

Our Price: $29.95

This 395 page lay-flat book by Phil Capelle is a complete course on the game of 14.1 or Straight Pool as it is also known. This user friendly book has 355 illustrations,123 Lessons, 360 Big ideas, and over 100 Practice Exercises. There are chapters on Position Play, Patterns, Break Shots, Cluster Management, Safeties, Running Out, Strategy and All About High Runs! A good, comprehensive book. $29.95 (PBS)

Our Price: $29.95

Subtitled Take Your Game to the Next Level & Beyond - this is Phil Capelle’s companion guide to his series of instructional books. It’s a 7”x 10” ring-bound book of 288 pages and contains many sections: Fast Start, Fundamentals First, Shotmaking & Aiming, Position Play, Pattern Play, Safety Play, Kicking Practice, Break Shot Practice, Scoring Games, Practicing with a Partner, League Team Practice, Mental Game Practice, and Practice Programs. Comprehensive and jam-packed with information.

Our Price: $29.95