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This 3-disc set is geared towards advanced and expert level players. Featuring 13 of the world's top players, it includes: Advanced Fundamentals by Rodney Morris, 8-Ball Breaking & Strategy by Karl Boyes, 9-Ball Breaking & Strategy by Mika Immonen, 10-Ball Breaking & Strategy by Darren Appleton, Kicking & Banking by Alex Pagulayan, and Pattern Play & Cue Ball Control by Raj Hundal. Earl Strickland, Chris Melling, Donny Mills, Jayson Shaw, Dennis Hatch, John Morra, and Jason Klatt fill out the group with Offensive and Defensive Pattern Racking, Reading Racks, Advanced Position play and 13 runouts with instruction. With 11 World Championships and 11 U.S. Open titles, there is no better group of players from whom to learn.

Our Price: $99.00

This HARDCOVER edition is a collection of 365 Days of Instruction, Motivation and Insights for Pool Players. It's like having a professional coach hitting you with one short, focused topic on the game to set your day and keep you focused and on the road to playing better pool. Each of 365 topics covers an important element required to play at a masterful level. Some will remind you of things you have forgotten and many will lead you to a higher understanding of strategy, technique or execution. All will help you build a stronger game. Includes a directory of quotes, reference materials and a comprehensive index. RETAIL - $34.95 - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL - $24.95 SAVE $10

Our Price: $24.95

This 544 page spiral-bound book from Phil Capelle takes his revised edition of Play Your Best Nine Ball and adds a huge new section on 10 Ball that features over 120 new shots from pro competition and over 60 new practice exercises on pattern play. It can be easily utilized by players of all levels of skill as Capelle discusses strategies and tailors his advice to your current level of play using his ABC rating system. This book contains nearly 600 diagrams with chapters on position play, patterns, safeties, kick shots, how to practice, breaking, clusters, push-out strategy, shot-making, competition, and more.

Our Price: $34.95

In the first 28 minutes of this DVD, Joe teaches three newly defined breaking styles and how to find the one that makes you happy and gets results. Then he dissects the 10-ball rack in great detail, showing you what to look for and how to adjust it to make the rack either easier or more difficult to run. You'll be amazed at how much control you can apply to a standard 10-ball rack, even learning to make the 10-ball fly right into the corner pocket! Lastly, Joe shares the latest updates in managing the 9-ball break so that you make more balls on the break and run-out more often. This is a great DVD!

Our Price: $34.95

NEW! - This DVD by “Rocket” Rodney Morris, Pool’s latest inductee into the BCA Hall of Fame has nearly three hours of content. Rodney is a certified champion, taking titles in the US Open 9-Ball, US Open 10-Ball, World Cup of Pool, and more. With so many years of playing pool at the top level under his belt, you will learn a lot. Rodney starts with an intro and moves on to 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 10 Ball, Aiming, Breaking, Bridges, Jumping, Masse, Kicking, and Positional Shots. He wraps it up with a Question and Answer section, a few cool Road Stories and a What’s in the Case section. Rodney is well known for his calm, friendly demeanor and his powerful, rocket-like game. You can definitely learn something from this DVD that will improve your game.

Our Price: $39.95

The 290 page Pro Book revolutionized the coaching and development of pool players. Designed for the competitive player, it has four major training sections. The Physical Game: fundamentals, reference training for position shots, safeties, kicks, kick safeties and banks, and performance conditioning and nutrition. The Mental Game: mental training, concentration and the secrets of focus, rituals and routines, playing different game styles, match dynamics, controlling momentum and more. The Emotional Game: motivation, creating and using powerful goals, using the elements of peak performance, scouting and accessing your best game. Putting It Together: how to let go, training vs. performance, designing a 30-day training program, making and using pre-match and competition plans and match reviews. RETAIL - $49.95 - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL - $39.95 - SAVE $10

Our Price: $39.95

This 4-DVD set is based on the reference training section of the Pro Book and is a complete training system for developing and maintaining advanced table skills. The Sweet Sixteen: build and strengthen your skill and open up your “A” game by mastering the 16 root shots and the 14 primary extended shots. The Outer Limits: discover the limits of each shot and pick the right one for each task. Eliminate shot selection doubt by mastering the boundary and extended boundary shots. It's Hammer Time: learn the principles of safety play. Practice the 16 root safeties and kick safeties and win more matches. The Great Escape: learn the strategic kicking zones and stop giving up ball-in-hand, learn the strategic bank shots and the “hard to judge” banks. Get out more often. RETAIL - $134.95 - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL - $114.95 - SAVE $20

Our Price: $114.95